Yocon Biology is an innovative enterprise. It is one of the double high-tech enterprises that has both ZhongGuanCun high-tech enterprises and national high-tech enterprise qualifications. 

Yocon Biology is also a Class II in vitro diagnostic reagent manufacturer approved by the Beijing Drug Administration. Passed ISO9001 and ISO13485 quality system certification. Yocon's major products are virus sampling tube products and serum-free cell culture medium products.

Main users of virus sampling tubes are clinical hospitals and disease control centers. Yocon Biology has occupied more than 90% of the Chinese market. Serum-free cell culture medium is the core supporting product of the global biopharmaceutical industry, attracting many companies including the world's top 300 companies. Through constant competition and innovation, Yocon Biology has become a high-quality enterprise in the serum-free cell culture medium industry. 

Yocon biological products cover the whole process of serum-free cell culture, cell digestion, and cell cryopreservation. It covers Car-T, NK cell, CIK cell, and MSC in the field of cell therapy; and 293 cell, CHO, and hybridomain virus packaging and recombinant protein production. 

Yocon Biology has set its sights beyond China. In 2019, Yocon Bio's MSC serum-free medium MSC has been registered with the US FDA. 

As an innovative company, Yocon Biology will continue to focus on the field of serum-free cell culture under the premise of in-depth understanding of users. Yocon Biology has complete confidence in being an internationally renowned company in the industry. 

Our company was founded in 2006, there were only 2 employees, and the company's total area was 26 m2. After 13 years of development, our company employs more than 80 people; million-level purification production workshops are more than 1,000 m2; million-level purification R & D area and quality control area are more than 1,000 m2; office and storage area are more than 1,000 m2. Two product lines have been formed around cell culture: Serum-free medium with supporting products, and virus sampling tube products. 

About sales, our company has more than 300 dealers and more than 4,000 customers, forming a nationwide distribution system. 

About production, our company has a full-automatic virus sampling tube production line with a batch capacity of 73,000; a 1000L fully-automatic serum-free cell culture medium production line; a dedicated production workshop for customized products. The investment of the whole production workshop is more than 20 million. Has passed ISO9000 and ISO13485 quality system certification. 

About R & D, our company has three million-level purification cell labs, one million-level purification microorganism lab, one million-level purification clean room, one 10,000-level negative pressure full row positive room (virus room), and one open physical and chemical laboratory. It has more than 40 detection capabilities such as cell doubling, flow cytometry, and chemical composition analysis, as well as high-precision detection equipment such as flow cytometry, liquid chromatography, inverted fluorescence microscope, and freezing point osmometer. The entire laboratory has invested more than 10 million yuan and is applying for relevant national independent third-party testing laboratory qualifications. The present world is a world of cooperation. 

We sincerely welcome customers, distributors, suppliers, and even colleagues to visit our company and exchange!



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