As a product for cell culture or virus isolation, the requirement of our customersis "absolutely sterile". We feel deeply about "absolutely sterile".

In the past 9 years, we made the virus sampling tube products occupied the vast majority of Chinese market share; In the field of cell culture media, we are in the leading position in China.

In 9 years, I realized a truth: In the field of aseptic production without terminal sterilization procedures, there is no unattended fully closed purification production line, and "absolute aseptic" is absolutely impossible.

Therefore, like pharmaceutical injection manufacturers, we have large-scale distilled water equipment and supporting cooling equipment.

With 9 years of development, our company has built 2 fully automatic unattended production lines: Liquid cell culture medium production line and virus sampling tube production line. We can proudly say that in terms of product quality, we are not inferior to international giants.

Our company has passed ISO9001 and ISO13485 quality system certification.

Automatic production line of cell culture

1431943787335260.jpg 1431943787120523.jpg 1431943787175913.jpg 1431943787677320.jpg
Pure water machine

Distilled water machine
Automatic cleaning and automatic sterilization system
Automatic dosing system



Pipeline details
1000L dosing tank
Automatic filling line

Virus sampling tube production line (75,000 batches)

1431943787916663.jpg 1431943787556788.jpg 1431943787568880.jpg 1431943787969635.jpg
Automatic dispensing system
Automatic labeling machine
Non-contact laser printer Automatic packaging machine

Has passed ISO9001 and ISO13485 quality system certification