We believe that "more convenient and cheaper" is the trend of all products.

In the field of virus sampling tubes, we occupy the vast majority of the Chinese market share. Solved the problem of product storage at room temperature; Solved the problem of low virus isolation positive rate; Solved the problem of mold contamination after sampling. We have obtained the registration certificate of the II class in vitro diagnostic reagent of the State Food and Drug Administration.

In the field of serum-free cell culture medium, we are the leading company in China. We have successfully developed immune cell serum-free medium (DC, CIK), NK cell serum-free medium, MDCK cell serum-free medium, MSC serum-free medium, and hybridoma cell serum-free medium.There are about 10 serum-free media products that have been in the research and development process but have not yet entered the market.Products can be "absolutely sterile", endotoxin levels are all below 0.1 EU / ml. We are the only company in the field of domestic serum-free cell culture medium that can compete with foreign brands in terms of production automation level, batch capacity, or product indicators.

About R & D, our company has six million-level purification cell labs, and one open physical and chemical laboratory. It has more than 40 detection capabilities such as cell doubling, flow cytometry, and chemical composition analysis, as well as high-precision detection equipment such as flow cytometry, liquid chromatography, inverted fluorescence microscope, and freezing point osmometer.

Our company has 14 in vitro diagnostic reagent registration certificates issued by the China Food and Drug Administration.

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R & D laboratory
Thousand-level purification cell laboratory
Flow cytometry
High performance liquid chromatograph
Real-time PCR instrument

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Cell laboratory1
Cell laboratory2
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